how find phone number, email from locked iphone

Easy tip how find phone number, email locked iphone

If you have one iphone locked on passcode this is a very easy method how to find the owner phone number or email using Siri. to find phone number or email from locked iPhone you will need Siri to do this. just ask siri ” WHATS MY NAME” you can also try others question ” WHAT IS MY EMAIL ”

The result is the owner Name and phone number associated, in some ios firmware also give you email address

This will work on every ios 9.X.X .
What this does is give you the phone associated added to iphone if the owner saves his contact on phone list.

its easy to try .
You must be careful because if the phone is locked you will also need use wifi and you may have only one shot to do this before icloud lock your iphone.

You can see the phone number and email without typing passcode
If you ask directly to siri for phone number or email siri will ask you passcode.

thanks to twitter friend @75m75mm for this tip

how find phone number, email from locked iPhone