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GSM / MEID Bypass with Calls iOS12.x up to 14.8.1 iPhones / iPads

Promo Code 👉 myicloudinfo
-10% Discount for all services

1: Download or
2: install and open the app
4: Jailbreak with checkra1n
5: Open the app, you will be redirected to the payment website
6:Enter Promo Code: myicloudinfo
7: Remove SIM card From iPhone/iPad
8: Follow the steps to complet payment
9: Go back to the App and Click on Start

Not Supported Devices: 
– SIM-Locked
– Replaced
– Refurbished
– iOS 15.x

All services 10% discount
iCloud Bypass with calls
SIM Carrier Unlock
T2 Mac Unlock
Apple Watch unlock
How to Jailbreak Passcode lock iPhone
- iphone 6S / 6S+ /
- iPhone SE1
- iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
- iPad (6th generation)
- iPod touch (7th generation)
- iPad (7th generation)
- iOS14 - iOS14.8.1

iCall Restriction Patcher iRP 2.1 By LU Team
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Might be good information read careful

About iphones 8 and X (A11) on passcode.
What to do with those devices ?
Wait for iOS15 checkra1n jailbreak to bypass or try and do something, special if they are at iOS 13.x or 14.x?

You can not jailbreak A11 on passcode! So u can not save activation and backup activation files for these devices. Apple introduced a new security layer for those devices (A11) iPhone 8 and X to avoid jailbreak on the passcode. The only option is jailbreak using diagnostic mode and patch USB restriction to be able to inject code on A11 while in diagnostic mode screen and wipe / erase iOS to keep the same iOS.

It’s a good idea right? but we should be careful the device FS Root is still encrypted, remember? Because the FSroot still have a passcode on it. And during the process, this can affect the wipe process and give you the famous apple logo boot loop with no return.

So be extremely cautious on this. Use this only in devices you own, because you might brick your device. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do it. Many people report boot loop and are forced to update to iOS15 but also many people succeed. If a boot loop happens, the only way to fix is to restore it to the latest iOS with iTunes or 3utools.

The process its simple,
1- jailbreak with latest Checkra1n in cli mode (terminal -c -v) option boot in diagnostic mode
2- After done use the iRP USB Patch
3- Go to iRP Pro tool to restore/eraser.
It seems to have more success rate to restore successfully and avoid boot loop but even iRP Pro tool is not 100% guaranteed. we are not responsible for any damage.
Register iRP PRO

Follow us here @myicloudinfo if you are interested in more information or if you have more tips to help us all to restore A11 devices without bootloop
This is a good example of collaboration teams to develop a great tool :


USB Patcher
Activation Backup
Activation Restore
Eraser to avoid boot loop

Special tool for Passcode bypass 5s up to 7 and first tool on the market special to ERASE A11 iphone 8 and X to keep same iOS and avoid boot_loop ( MAC )

1Millonunlock PRO

iRP Pro Tool from Legit Unlock

Register Serial:

video tutorial soon
Do you want to install unsigned iOS versions without the need of a Jailbreak or SHSH Blobs?
How To Upgrade to Unsigned iOS Version | Easily Install Unsigned iOS Firmwares no Jailbreak & no SHSH Blobs!


you can Upgrade to UNSIGNED iOS firmwares with this method! Keep in mind you CAN'T Downgrade to unsigned iOS versions following this guide.
Update iOS14.7.1 Apple profile
iOS 15 is now on 60% across all iOS devices, precisely 80 days after it launched to the public.
- but we still dont have any jailbreak tool for iOS15.x
Prepare your devices because NEW OPEN MENU / FMI-OFF IS BACK
LU Team & iUnlock first in the world with this amazing new FMIOFF tool iUnlock Open Menu Removal

follow us on @myicloud1nfo or @myicloudinfo
youtube video and all info tomorrow.
Rumor: iOS16 Might not come for these devices:

iPhone 6s
iPhone SE 1
iPad 5
iPad Mini 4
iPad Air 2
First-Gen iPad Pro
Unc0ver jailbreak now supports up to iOS 14.8 🤩
unc0ver v8.0.0 is NOW OUT with iOS 14.6-14.8 support for A12-A13 devices
All the best for everyone keep it up. 2022 will be a big year full of surprises. Happy unlocking year too
#2022 #happynewyear
A brand new kernel exploit has been achieved for iOS 15.2 and lower by Justin Sherman. The exploit is capable to get arbitrary R/W on the kernel which makes it suitable for jailbreak purposes.

It's likely that once iOS 15.2 stops being signed Unc0ver Team will put their hands on the exploit and update Unc0ver. They've already done this twice by now. iOS 14.8 jailbreak dropped out of the blue with an exploit by pattern-f that is not even publicly available yet, which means Pwn20wnd / Unc0ver Team is working in the background with the security researchers.