Bypass Passcode iPhone new IOS 10 glitch

Bypass Passcode iPhone new IOS 10 glitch

If you are looking a way to access inside of locked iphone ipad or ipod without putting the password, here you have a solution to find contacts and photos. IOS 10 has a new security issue, which allows you to access contacts and photos in simple steps. This new trick was fund by the youtube channel idevicehelp – how to Bypass Passcode iPhone new IOS 10 glitch

what you need to do is just find the phone number from the locked idevice using siri ( ask whats my phone number) and make a FaceTime call from other iPhone iPad or iPod . Do not answer the call but just type send custom message ( sms). the next steps you need ask siri to (turn voice over ON) and try t0 type a message using voice over. maybe you need try , for two or tree times after done , next ask siri again ( Stop voice over) and Magic will happen. Now you can type one message and add photo or contact, and boom you are one photo album pictures or into iPhone contacts . Please check the video for complete details if your need visual step by step. 

Passcode bypass

unlock lockscreen


This Security Flaw, LockScreen bypass has been officially Reported to Apple.

How to Unlock ANY iPhone into Photos, Contacts & More Without the Passcode iOS 9 /10 – 10.2. This also works on older devices since IOS 8.x iOS 9.x and iOS 10.x.

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