Updated Iphone 5 & 5C icloud bypass A6 and A6X devives ssh. How to jailbreak iphone 5C iCloud lock with Checkm8 exploits.

New method ( remove setup ) icloud bypass Untethered

This New iCloud bypass from @Arsevka_JDM for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4 loads a custom ramdisk that gives you root access via SSH and filesystem. This method use the @synackuk ipwndfu fork via pwned recovery mode and makes it possible to remove or add files for an untethered iCloud Bypass.

Supported devices :

  • Iphone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad4

iCloud bypass for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4

Old method:

Iphone 5 and iphone 5C icloud bypass. iPhone 5 – 5c unlock. iCloud bypass remover iphone to 5 and 5c. its the only method free online until now available, this is not working to all devices, but you must try, its my experimental method works for iOS8 iOS 9 and iOS 10.3.3  i don’t know if works in others models and the iPhone will work with a new icloud.  i see some youtube videos working with this DNS proxy. You must have this screens – then put this proxy IP : 3128

please try it at your own risk

icloud bypass remover download iPhone 5 5s

Iphone 5\5S icloud bypass

Iphone 5\5S icloud bypass

You must have this screens – then put this proxy IP : 3128 ( not working ) now the best alternative method is icloud DNS bypass using DNS IP. For now, we only have the free DNS method will give you temporary icloud bypass check all instructions in DNS post.

First, you need to activate your phone ( crash error ) with the @rafaelcarioca7 proxy method tutorial and it needs to be in lost mode. then jailbreak using pangu. Open Cydia type ifile and download it. or you can install open ssh and browse the filesystem via putty. but it is better and easier to use ifile from Cydia download. go to /var/mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles and there delete CloudConfigurationDetails then go to /var/mobile/Library/Accounts and delete all the files there. Restart the phone connect it to iTunes and restore it.

works on iPhone 5C

icloud bypass remover download iPhone 5 – 5s

Updated 2018

New Method iOS 11 icloud bypass bug: if you stuck on icloud activation screen using iPhone 5 ios 11 this is a method you can try. this method uses a bug on the firmware after you fun the DTFone free utility the iPhone 5 crash to the springboard. icloud bypass only not a full icloud unlock for iPhone 5 – 5s