iPhone Unlock SIM carrier with Grayrhino fix SIM Not Supported

You just put a new SIM card into your iPhone, but something isn’t working right. Your iPhone is telling you that the SIM card isn’t supported. how to fix this problem when it says “SIM not supported” on your iPhone!

An iPhone usually says a SIM is not supported because your iPhone is locked to your carrier. This means you can’t insert a SIM card from a different carrier if you switch.

How to Fix Sim Not Supported on iPhone with grayRhino, jailbreak is required.

Get rid of SIM carrier lock ! this does not work on iCloud Bypassed devices or any kind of bypassed device since you will need to know the original account in order to be able to activate your device, this tweak should work on all jailbroken devices from iOS 10 to 14.x.

Say goodbye R-Sim or Turbo nano CHIP, GrayRhino no need any EXTRA Hardware, Grayrhino Simlock currently Supported devices:
iOS10 – iPhone 5 / 5C (H3lix JB)
5s / 6/6s / 6s +/ 7/7+/ 8/8+/ X (checkra1n JB)
iphone XS/XR / iphone 11/11+ pro/ 12/12+/ pro (unc0ver JB up to iOS14.3)

NOTE : This tool will not work with icloud bypassed device and carrier blacklisted

Telegram Grayrhino Support


Fully Untethered Carrier Unlock
Call, SMS, Cellular Data Perfectly Worked
If Restored Use The Tweak For Again

Step 1 : Turn Off the FMi (Find My iPhone) 

Check IMEI here confirm it’s OFF

Step 2: Jailbreak the Device With Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Taurine, Odyssey

Step 3: Install “Cydia”

Step 4: Open Safari

Step 5: Visit Link – panyolsoft.yourepo.com

Step 6: Add Repository panyolsoft to Cydia

Step 7: Open Cydia and Open the Repository 

Step 8: Click Tweaks in the Panyolsoft Repository 

Step 9: Install GrayRhino Tweak inside

Step 10: Device will Respring and Open Settings in iPhone

Scroll Bottom to find the GrayRhino Tweak

(If you don’t find GrayRhino tweak in the Settings menu then – Step 8 / Step 9 not done)

Step 11: Open GrayRhino in settings 

Step 12: Buy license with telegram at @appletool /

Step 13: add license and wait till registered Success in server

Step 14: Click Respring after Success Message in iPhone Settings > GrayRhino 

Step 15: Put Sim inside iPhone

Step 16: Activate device

Jailbreak Supported devices

Check for unsupported devices here
Checkra1n – iOS12, iOS13, iOS14.x ( iphone 5S ,iphone 6, iPhone 6S, iphone 7, iphone 8, iPhone X )
Unc0ver iOS 11.0 – 14.3 ( iphone 5 up to iPhone 12 Pro )
Taurine Supports iOS 14.0-14.3 ( iPhone 6S up to 12 Pro )


Can I update after use grayRhino ?

YES, updated yes via OTA only do not restore or reset if you do that you will need redo all, jailbreak and install again grayrhino.

Can i reinstall grayrhino ? on same device/license?

Yes, you can reinstall free of cost on the same device.

Devices Supported ?

Grayrhino required jailbreak so you need cydia to install the tweak

Supported devices:
iOS10 – iPhone 5 / 5C (H3lix JB)
5s / 6/6s / 6s +/ 7/7+/ 8/8+/ X (checkra1n JB)
iphone XS/XR / iphone 11/11+ pro/ 12/12+/ pro (unc0ver JB up to iOS14.3)

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