Team from canada wants release a bypass

UPDATE NOTE : 100 % scammer. Others try sell bypass too in the past and it was all fake so please be careful .

New team from canada are working in new bypass icloud carrier supported – All iDevices supported – All ios Supported

they say are just 2 engineers friends and Tomorow they will Change the world. be ready for tomorow .

They claim release icloud bypass saturday night Toronto time  !!!! its a server with doulci files and leaked doulci from w0rm.

Message from Bypass_Dev

“we are just 2 friends but Tomorow we will Change the world. be ready for the big surprise tomorow. no More scammers and waiting we are working on an activation bypass since 5 months ago. This took us a lot of time and effort But we are pleased that our work paid off Finally 4. 5. Today we offer you and proudly The first Full Activation Lock bypass is ready ( carrier supported – All iDevices supported – All ios Supported ) 6. 7. we are tested more than 10 different iDevices Recently and The results were amazing. we will Not going to lie we did not expect these results 8. 9. the iDevices Tested is works Excellently. We had some problems in the beginning but we fixed it Now 10. 11. our new bypass is a fully bypass the device will works good with carrier signal ( for unlocked devices / Locked devices will need an R-sim … ). The only problem is restoring your iDevice. the device will not deleted from apple servers it will just bypassed i think this is better than nothing 12. 13. for the bypass 50% it will be free. we hope that but if the server cost us more than 100$ i thing you should pay to bypass your device. you can bypass unlimited number of devices but please odnt bypass more than 3 devices at once To avoid server overload 14. 15. Follow us we will update you with the latest news 16. 17. our twitter Account :”

NOTE : if actually they will release a icloud bypass full funcional we will inform you if its 100 % sure or not scammer. Others try sell bypass in the past and it was fake so please be careful .  

“in my opinion this team have same methods communication like others fake server sellers like the bypass_nerd remember? dont buy untill u have 100% sure and its not free.” @mydevice4 


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