Cellebrite Latest Hacking Tool Can Unlock Any iPhone UFED PREMIUM

The company cellebrite which specializes in cracking phones for law enforcement is now capable of cracking any iPhone up to iOS 12.3 including iphones ipads and ipods. we assume they fall into iOS13 as well and that’s terrifying because it means if you were to be arrested right now with this tool no matter what passcode you have on your iphone. well, there is actually a way to protect against this passcode. I’ll tell you in a minute in this post.

icloud Hacking Tool Support for Apple devices running iOS 7 to iOS 12.3.

They would be able to go inside any iphone and unlock it and get your information and your iphone will be completely vulnerable. This was previously possible also from a different company GrayKey iPhone passcode unlocker but that was patched through some means where they restricted lightning usb port, iOS12 iPhone disconnects Lightning USB protect from hackers. Now it’s unknown if Apple can patch this they’d actually have to buy a machine which by the way are still available online the old models. people are selling their old ones on eBay this is not supposed to happen the company specifies that they want the machines destroyed once they’re no longer needed. Police forensic tools sold on eBay Cellebrite UFED Device. You can go online and buy one and some it even has old information in it. this is just a nightmare for Apple all around.

icloud Hacking Tool

Cellebrite Latest Hacking Tool Can Unlock Any iPhone UFED PREMIUM

How to protect your iphone from hacking tools:

How change for Strong passcode on iphone

Now for you my suggestion is don’t use a numeric passcode use an actual alphanumeric passcode maybe just with letters. make it difficult for them when it does not just number it’s exponentially harder for a machine like this to do what. we don’t know how this new one works, it may use some new strategies but the point is make it harder for them.

Cellebrite Latest Hacking Tool Can Unlock Any iPhone UFED PREMIUM

UFED Premium is designed specifically at law enforcement, which use them to unlock iphones that may have been linked to a crime when a suspect is either unable to provide a passcode or biometric access.

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