Download CHIMERA Jailbreak (ELECTRA) for iPhone XS/MX/XR (A12)

The wait is finally over for the iPhone A12 users. As we have just seen the release of the Chimera jailbreak from the Elektra team. so this will work on all devices including the iPhone Xs XR and XS Max and even the new iPad pro. you can Download here this is the Chimera jailbreak and overall the interface. is a pretty amazing tool. It looks really nice and you can see here the iPhone Xs on 12.2.1 is supported by chimera. this is just literally just been released today you can see this comes from the Elektra team and there’s a lot of people that have been working on this.

Download CHIMERA Jailbreak (ELECTRA) for iPhone XS/MX/XR (A12)

so in this Post I’ll show you how you can get the app on your A12 device and of course how to jailbreak. we’ll go through the whole jailbreak process with you. I actually use the ignition to download this of course you can use Cydia impactor if you want to download this directly from the website.

Download CHIMERA Jailbreak (ELECTRA) for iPhone XS/MX/XR (A12)

Chimera –All devices, iOS 12 — 12.1.2

However, if you have ignition you can just go into the safari very simple and then just tap on the search button, type in chimera and then all you need to do is obviously tap to download a signed version and then tap on install. Just make sure you go into your settings into general and then down to profiles device management tap on the app and then make sure you press trusts. it should come out saying verified and then of course that will let you open up the Jailbreak application. in this video I’ll show you all the process it is the first time you going this. we’ll see how it goes and some issues we have because I know a lot of you guys out there might be a little bit nervous about actually doing this.

NEW A12 Jailbreak iOS 12 Chimera Tutorial! iPhone XR, XS Max, XS (iOS 12 – 12.1.2)

Go ahead and hit that jailbreak button so tap that you’ll see that it does say this has optimal success after a reboot so it will go ahead and reboot our device and then we’ll just come back to you guys once this has been rebooted so we are back after that reboot so if we go back into the application and hit jailbreak you can see an absolutely amazing interface. Hats off to the chimera team, for this. we’ll see new updates for a more stable version. after jailbreak, the iphone will respring or reboot.

I am surprised how quickly this actually worked and worked the first time. Chimera installed Selio on the newly jailbroken device and we are now up and running. That was unbelievably easy and I must say I’m a little bit shocked of how easy that actually was.


Introducing the new A12 jailbreak for iOS 12-12.1.2 from the Electra team! This jailbreak includes the iPhone X / XS/ XS MAX / XR.

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