FREE CELLULAR FIX for Passcode Locked & Disabled iPhone/iPad (Apple Tech)

If you have an iphone or ipad passcode locked / disabled, it is now possible to bypass icloud and activate your device. Your device needs to be already FactoryActivated to use this method. If you just erase or restore, bypass iCloud and then add a passcode that’s not the same thing. This will not work. You need a checkra1n compatible device with a passcode or FactoryActivated device.

how you can activate CALLS and CELLULAR DATA on your passcode locked/disabled iDevices using Apple Tech 752 Sliver 4.2, powerful iCloud Bypass tool for macOS High Sierra.

NOTE: Before you do anything we are not responsible for what you do with your device. This is still in beta, we still need to do more tests and make compatible with all devices, if this method doesn’t work you should wait for new update or try again step by step.

  • jailbreak with checkra1n
  • use the software to read your activation data
  • restore your device to the latest iOS (ipsw)
  • jailbreak again and bypass icloud using software
  • relay device info and activate your device
  • done

Download Sliver 4.2 ( icloud bypass software macOS High Sierra only )

Follow the video tutorial, If it does not work on the first try, that’s normal. Just keep trying again and always click relay device info before activating the device. Eventually, you’ll get lucky, some devices took me 10 or more tries. For now, this method is only compatible with passcode locked/disabled devices. However, developers will always looking for ways to add features to Sliver and will continue to update and improve it.

Download Sliver 4.3 ( macOS High Sierra )

Download Sliver 4.2 ( windows version )

Download checkra1n 0.10 /

alternative mac software:

How Disable Passcode and untethered Bypass iCloud with carrier

FREE CELLULAR FIX for Passcode Locked & Disabled iPhone/iPad!

More :

Download checkra1n 0.10 / 0.9.0

icloud bypass windows software

FREE CELLULAR FIX for Passcode Locked & Disabled windows tools

How to use iPasscode v1.4 Pro

1 —{ You Must jailbrek using checkra1n first }

2—{ Enter option Backup iFiles }

3—{ Restore device and jailbreak using checkra1n again }

4—{ Enter option ( Activate iDevice ) call fixed }

How to bypass icloud Normal Method

1—{ You Must jailbrek using checkra1n first }

2—{Enter option ( icloud bypass ) ios 12xx & 13xx

download link ipasscode 1.4

If this software doesn’t work with your macOS, you can try using the manual files with terminal, since this tool only supports Hight Sierra Mac OS you may want to try terminal files using command lines to activate your device. This method was created and developed by @hpegar from twitter.

How to Fix CELLULAR for Passcode Locked & Disabled iPhone/iPad!


  • Download this files ( put the files into the desktop )
  • 2.Connect device and jailbreak with checkra1n
  • EXECUTE “IPROXY 2222 44” in new window or tcprelay
  • Exec ( new terminal window)
  • RUN THIS COMMAND – “scp -r -P 2222 /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/ssh\ files/3/Library/ root@“
  • EXEC 2.h and copy the GUID Example (86FA201C-9D8C-4DAF-BF6D-2AF8669F5ED0)
  • EXECUTE THIS “scp -r -P 2222 /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/ssh\ files/4/Library  root@“
  • done
  • All thanks to @hpegar


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