GrayRhino Cydia tweak to Unlock SIM carrier without any extra hardware.

GrayRhino Cydia tweak to Unlock SIM carrier without any extra hardware. This tweak works for all jailbroken devices on iOS12 up to iOS14.x. Simple to install and simple to setup. Basically, all installation process is automatic and in a few seconds, your SIMLOCK iPhone or iPad will be SIM Unlocked ready to use with any SIM CARD carrier. Is untethered you don’t need to do the process again after the phone restart.
With GrayRhino you dont need RSIM or Similar nano-SIM unlock hardware, just jailbreak and install GrayRhino.

Supported devices and requirement:
Jailbroken Iphone and iPad ( unc0ver, Electra, odyssey, Checkra1n )
iOS 12 , iOS13 and iOS14.x

You need FMIOFF first, you can reboot and update but not full restore, if you restore you will need to jailbreak and install the tweak again.

GrayRhino Cydia tweak will not work

This Cydia tweak will not remove blacklist SIM lock status, also will not work on icloud lock devices. To make this software work on your device you will need a fully activated SIMLock iPhone or iPad.

How To Use Carrier unlock 

Step 1 : Turn Off the FMi (Find My iPhone)
check your iPhone Serial to confirm the icloud is (OFF)
Step 2: Jailbreak the Device With Checkra1n or Uncover
Step 3: Install “Cydia”
Step 4: Open Safari
Step 5: Visit Link –
Step 6: Add Repository panyolsoft to Cydia
Step 7: Open Cydia and Open the Repository 
Step 8: Click Tweaks in the Panyolsoft Repository 
Step 9: Install GrayRhino Tweak inside
Step 10: Respring device auto and Open Settings in iPhone
Scroll Bottom to find the GrayRhino Tweak
(If you don’t find GrayRhino tweak in the Settings menu then – Step 8 / Step 9 not done)
Step 11: Open GrayRhino in settings 
Step 12: Register Licence / –
Step 13: Wait till Success message in server
Step 14: Click Respring after Success Message in iPhone Settings > GrayRhino 
Step 15: Put Sim inside iPhone
Step 16: Activate device Normally

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GrayRhino, Unlock the carrier lock of your device! repo:
add to Cydia:

Some free licenses: limited

How to Buy GrayRhino Cydia :
Register Licence / –
( license key)

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