How to bypass 4 digits lock code on macbook

How to bypass 4 digits lock code on MacBook. if you have a locked icloud iMac, MacBook, mac pro locked on passcode screen here is a solution for free.

this solution is based on Mount the locked drive on another machine or in an HD external cage, find the PIN inside icloud folder , re-install the locked drive into the original Mac, enter the PIN, all working again .



How to bypass 4 digits lock code on MacBook

the easy way, you will need SATA to USB adapter if you have a laptop without room for an additional drive.

first, remove the locked hard drive from your Mac. You can find detailed guides for your specific machine just google it or check youtube. install it on HD as an external machine.

Once booted into the alternate system, locate your locked drive.
In my case it was macintosh: Now browse to \Users\username\Library\Application Support\iCloud . In the folder “iCloud” find a file named with a bunch of numbers: ##########.lock In my case it was: 1138515150.lock, just write it down.

Install the locked drive back into the original locked Mac.
its important that you put it back in the machine where it was originally locked so that the motherboard firmware will be unlocked in the next step.

Boot up the locked Mac and referencing the number you recorded, you can start trying 4 numbers at a time for the PIN. my file was 1138515150.lock
Try the first 4, then the second 4, and so on…
For example: 1138, 1385, 3851, 8515, 5151, 1515, 5150.
In my case, the PIN was the second to last 4 digits: 1515
If you typed in more than 10 combinations, then it says that you are locked out for a minute. Just restart the machine and continue entering the combinations from where you left off.

Once you enter the right PIN, the Mac will instantly reboot proceeding to where you were when the lockout occurred. It will also remove the firmware password.

here it is new unlocked Mac!!! easy as that

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