How To Fix carrier Data Problem Checkra1n iCloud Bypass

After bypassing iCloud lock how To Fix carrier Data Problem Checkra1n iCloud Bypass. you probably see this issue of cellular data, so today I am sharing a way to fix cellular data problems after bypassing iCloud lock. Fist this is not working for all iPhones or GSM ipads you must understand this method is a simple file mood only for CDMA, to activate full GSM / MEID/ 4G / 3G signal you will also need iphone activation/itunes. Tring this trick in some cases you can get LTE sinal.

  • You need one full activated device with root access to files (mandatory same model)
  • and an icloud lock device the one you need get cellular data

Here you need to have the exact same device that is already activated 100% full working and not bypassed as of the one you iCloud unlocked, same model number + same carrier + same cellular data as well. We need to copy a few files from the activated device to an unlocked device, follow the process below.

NOTE: Phone calls are not supported yet, will share a process to fix that as well, currently you’ll get you cellular data back. This method will not work on every bypassed device, but it’s worth trying. I Tried on my device (iPhone 8) and worked perfectly fine.
Before you start, focus on in the process, a little complex task but I have explained everything you need to do.

  • After you unlock, you have the checkra1n jailbreak utility in your device, open it and install Cydia from there, also install in other activated device as well.
  • Open Cydia and install the Filza Tweak into both of your devices, it’s an easy file manager that you can install in jailbroken devices.
  • Open Filza in your activated phone, be sure your wifi is turned off and cellular data is turned on here.
How To Fix carrier Data Problem Checkra1n iCloud Bypass

Note: You need to transfer 3 files actually, you’ll transfer these files to your email first then download these files in your bypassed phone. Two of the files are with the same name, data_ark.plist, be sure you copy the correct one at the correct location in iCloud unlocked phone.
Locations To The Find Files On Filza.

  • Go to the above-mentioned locations one by one, select and send them via email on your email address so you can download on the bypassed device after logging in there. After downloading all three files, open them one by one using Filza (open with Filza). Remember that two files are with the same name, both files will be as filename.plist and filename(1).plist on the device when you download these on the bypassed device.
  • From Filza, move these files to the locations mentioned above, if you don’t find the folder to copy file (activation record) in it, create a new folder with the same name mentioned in the path (activation_records). Copy the correct file to the correct location and also remember that you need to rename the file with a numbered name after you copy at the correct location.
  • When you have copied all the files in your iCloud unlocked device, restart the device. After reboot, you’ll see your device will search for service and will catch the service, try turning on your cellular data and you’re done.

Video Tutorial

How To Fix carrier Data Problem Checkra1n iCloud Bypass

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