iCloud BYPASS HOME SERVER Works on lost mode devices locked

This is a full working tutorial for those how need unlock , or icloud bypass for free , you can do it, a home made server to delete the icloud from de iphone, ipad, ipod in lost mode, this is the only full working solution available , here you will find all software you need. Please note this is not a permanent solution yet. You will still not have carrier service , not Push Notifications, its a tethered icloud bypass ( it means you need do this process every time you reboot) and more bugs related to icloud id , but you can jailbreak it and find aeasier way to fix the issus until the final release icloud bypass.

myicloud.info team release a identical tutorial 2 month ago in downloads area but his one is updated more stable. tks to @ xSnivyn

What you Need
1 – Donwload XAMPP
2 – Fiddler
3 – baarney file

1. Install all the programs
2. Download the file and create the following directory – C:/xampp/htdocs/deviceservices/buddy/
3. Place the downloaded file in the folder created “buddy”
4. In Fiddler, at the top press “Tools” and then “Fiddler Options”
5. Make it look like this picture (Pic)
6. Edit your hosts file by adding this line: static.ips.apple.com
7. Start Apache in XAMPP and restart Fiddler
8. Open cmd (as admin) and type “ipconfig”
9. Look for the line that shows your local IP ( Exp: 192.168 .X.X )
10. On your device, press the home button and tap “More Wifi Settings” after connecting to WiFi
11. Scroll down to “HTTP Proxy” and tap “Manual”
12. Server is the IP address from step 9 and your port should be 8888
13. Tap “Back” then “Next”
14. Tap “Activation Help”


iCloud BYPASS HOME SERVER Works on lost mode devices locked

New icloud bypass method with fiddler only  http://idevicetool.eu/itrick-idevice-activation-tutorial-with-fiddler/

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