icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update)

icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update). we are going to update you on the current situation of the iCloud bypass ios 12 2018. What is currently going on new methods that work and methods do not work and what you shouldn’t try, what you shouldn’t lose your time with and so on. we got a lot of requests to make this posts even though we every week, things may change from a day to another, this is new update post at first for those of you who are new in to the myicloud blog.

What iCloud locked means?

If you have one icloud lock device it will simply ask for a username and the password before it can do absolutely anything on it. so before you are able to call somebody before you’re able to open any application before you’re able to go to settings and so on. You need to put an Apple ID and the password. Usually, the iCloud lock results when Find My iPhone is enabled and linked to the device. All can be managed from a browser. if you lose one iPhone or iPad and you have Find My iPhone or Find My iPad on you can simply locate the device and declare that device has been lost on the Apple icloud.com website and the device will become inactive. Nobody can use it without the credentials and password and Apple ID . This prevents thieves from stealing your device and also to prevent your data from being harvested from the device if it does get stolen or if you lose.

icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update)

iCloud Relock bug patched

iCloud server ios12 2018

How about iCloud bypass?

Is how you can you bypass it if you forgot your password so which are the methods that work in 2018 We have this website in here that we have created which pretty much contains all the devices and the methods that work for each individual device. As you can see there including the iPhone x, 8 and 8 plus , and even the latest devices and firmware iOS12, iPhone Xs. There’s also the hardware methods for ipads.

Hardware method for iPhone iPad

Hardware means that you have to change the motherboard or the logic board from the phone in order to be able to use that iPad or phone again. Its all depending on your skills and how much you want to spend money on a new logic board. To change it it’s all up to you but that’s one of the possibilities you can do. you can change the logic board and of course, you have to be very careful when you’re purchasing a new logic board for not buying a locked one too.

how to remove icloud using hardware method 

icloud bypass DNS method

For some reason his still works in 2018, using iOS12, this method has been around for a while since 2015 it’s been a few good years since this method has been created by Igor July and it pretty much consists in a few servers that you have to add manually a DNS to bypass the activation screen and it can add the servers in to the Wi-Fi settings on your lock device it will be able to open something like an internet browser something like a menu with multiple applications including our web page is there. you also have the hax DNS which looks like this:

it will open a screen on your locked device a similar iOS ambient you can open applications but of course, this is not real iOS this gives you access to some web applications. these are not real iOS apps even though you can use them, you can browse the Internet it’s better than having a brick that does not do absolutely anything because it’s a locked device.

icloud bypass ios 7 and ipad 2 ios 9.3.5

it still not a full bypass for the moment the only full icloud bypass in that it can get on older iOS devices like iOS7.x and in case iPad 2 you can full icloud bypass all iOS firmware including ios 9.3.5. The other full working is the hardware related so you’re either change their motherboard or the logic board of the phone or you change some chips on the iPhone bu hardware developers now reported Apple is no longer letting you activate a device with iOS11 or iOS12. You need to change baseband have a special SN number and reflash NAND. Apple is trying to mitigate that as well, you got to be careful in there but the logic board replacement may work however if you do a logic board replacement your touch ID will probably no longer work because the touch ID and face ID have paired sensors with the logic board.if you get a new logic board the touch ID will no longer work which is that fingerprint sensor, there are a lot of downsides to this.

icloud bypass using software?

it’s not possible using any software at least not for the newer devices. You can do it with software but only ios7 in general and on iPhone 4 and lower by jailbreak exploit which of course because there are exploits but on any other device you cannot bypass using any software method and no custom firmware. There are exploits available and yes there is an exploit available for the iOS 7.1.2 that was released back in 2017 if I remember well but that exploit is not very useful since it’s for low 7.

So if you have an iPhone running iOS 7.x or lower being it 32-bit or 64-bit you can, in theory, modify the exploit to try to load a custom firmware, however, it been hard to find now devices running this version that is supported.

The most common iOS now is 8 iOS 9 for 32bits devices and 10, 11 and IOS 12 for 64bits devices there’s absolutely no exploit available and no custom firmware, no software no modifications to the IPSW because if you do that the phone will simply reject the firmware, not original apple firmware.

icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update)


Reflash iphone chip project with WL icloud

Reflash iPhone chip project with WL icloud

iCloud Account without password on Activated

Delete iCloud Account iPhone without Password iOS11 or remove iCloud Account without password & Turn OFF Find my iPhone. This is one of the methods that I had been teaching here on the myicloud iblog. That allows you remove icloud account without the password and again we can do this trick with latest firmware version ios11. After several tests, we can say that removing icloud for activated phones 64bits devices is possible through the method of injecting an old iOS iTunes backup. the backup must be without icloud and find my iPhone turned OFF. Download backup



The only way to bypass ios 12 that works in 2018 is icloud bypass DNS method. Which is partially available for free and easy to configure.  It gives you some online application and some menus with internet browser. It’s definitely not a full bypass . Also you have the option to change the motherboard which of course would give you a full bypass . we talked about these methods my previous posts how do you icloud unlock using hardware method. Where can find motherboards and so on. for activated use the backup method, you can remove icloud from the device but not from apple servers.

If you buy an icloud lock on second-hand Marquet we are sorry for that. Bypass icloud are getting increasingly rare because of course Apple doesn’t want that thing to happen. it’s their best security mechanism. they have to protect your data and your device. So they wouldn’t let a lot of bugs to escape. All you can do is to either do the hardware replacement or wait for the future, may be an exploit for the version the iPhone you owned will be released but that’s of course very unlikely.

Especial Tip:

If you got scammed by any online market try to contact the original owner using email. Explain to him what happened. Ask him nicely or make some king agreement to remove icloud using icloud.com platform. Or simply just give it back, its the best thing to do.

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