Free untethered iCloud Bypass iPad 2 All iOS and All iDevices 7.1.2 (open source)

Today we have one most expected release since first icloud bypass in 2014, iCloud bypass for iOS7.1.2, and ipad2 all version up to iOS9.3.5 is now free and open source. releases by iBoyinc. Simple to use, a simple file with a PHP code can generate a new activation ticket to activate your device (iOS7 and ipad2 iOS9.3.5 only) using an old exploit that apple never patch.

The files are open source now

iCloud Bypass iPad 2 All iOS and All iDevices up to 7.1.2!

Manual method

Use libimobiledevice and ideviceactivation files to Bypass Your iDevice. and use this command :

go to libimobiledevice folder from the command and type

 ideviceactivation activate -s


How to make iPad 2 Bypass Untethered

  • After Bypass Install Phonix Jailbreak With Cydia Impactor ( you must have a developer account to sign Phoenix )
  • install iFile or other File Manager from Cydia
  • Rename or Delete using iFile
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy its Fully Untethered Now!

always use this tool on your own devices!


DOWNLOAD files use this TOOL ONE click BYPASS:

iCloud Bypass Instructions windows
iCloud Bypass instructions for iPad 2 (TETHERED)
Supported devices : iPad 2,1  2,2  2,3 2,4  All iOS & All iDevices ios 7.1.2

  • Download this free tool to bypass unzip
  • connect your iphone or ipad2 into computer
  • Open iCloud Bypass Tool ( windows ) and double click to Bypass your device
  • iCloud Bypass Done
  • Your iPad it’s ready for use. After reboot, u will need to use again the free iCloud Bypass Tool.

download free tool to bypass open files unzip connect your device into computer run the icloud bypass tool – Done

Supported devices : iPad 2,1  2,2  2,3 2,4  All iOS & All iDevices ios 7.1.2

TIP: to make ipad2 iOS9.3.5 Untethered

Install Panda help into ipad2 bypassed and then search for PHOENIX Jailbreak tool for iOS9.3.5 and install the jailbreak. Run the Jailbreak and then open Cydia, now search for iFile. Open ifile and go to var/application find folder. Delete this folder, now you can restart.