iCloud removal iOS 11

iCloud removal for iOS 11. Unlock icloud all devices iOS 11 Activated and jailbreak. This is a working method for all ios 11 iPhone iPad iPod. First, we going to explain how to remove icloud without password using jailbreak tool and second part remove icloud using the hardware method for ipads.

  1.  – Remove icloud without password using jailbreak
  2.  – Remove icloud hardware method

The latest jailbreak tool includes All exploits in the same app for iOS11 jailbreak. this means you can unc0ver can jailbreak for iOS 11.0 – 11.4b3. you can remove icloud without the original password, and then add a new icloud ID to activate new iPhone. Find my iPhone will work under your new icloud ID.

iCloud removal iOS 11

You need one activated device. what means activated device? you need access to springboard screen. Internet connection to install this unc0ver jailbreak tool. Follow this video tutorial to jailbreak your iphone or ipad.

After jailbreak, and if all went as expected, now is the easy part. Open Cydia app its one app already installed by the jailbreak tool and search for: filza file manager . after jailbreak its possible to root files under the device and change or delete files. To remove icloud without password you just need remove 3 files .

  1. First, check if you are on a supported device ( iOS11.x – iOS11.3.1 including iOS11.4beta3)
  2. Download unc0ver Jailbreak from here and jailbreak
  3. go to Cydia and search for Filza and download to your device
  4. open Filza and navigate to var/mobile/library/accounts open this folder
  5. Remove/delete all from accounts, tree files. check video tutorial
  6. close all apps and sign out from iTunes, iMessage, facetime ( only if signed from old icloud)
  7. restart your device
  8. add new icloud id/apple id
  9. done

Note: this will not remove from apple servers, will only remove icloud ID on device. but you will be able to add new icloud ID.

iCloud removal iOS 11


Remove icloud hardware method

iCloud removal iOS 11 using hardware method works on iPad with ios 11 activating error. This method is based on hardware modification, is not a simple process because you need to disassemble your iPad in order to remove NAND.

Downgrade to iOS 10 is not signed anymore.That solution to remove icloud using hardware is obsolete. Now on iOS11.x if you remove any resisters you will be stuck on itunes Activation error. The new way to fix this activation error is with modified UDID, the ICFix.vn team developed a solution doing a NAND swap or reflash NAND by changing UDID. UDID is calculated buy imei/serial+wifi/bt mac address, these create UDID. Change any one of these values and UDID will be changed. Revert back to original and good UDID is back, this is fairly good news.

Previously before iOS11 the Apple activation policy only needed original S/N to be reprogrammed to new Nand. That’s how everybody worked before. Nobody cared saving other information such BT/Wifi mac address and so on. But since Apple has changed the Activation process on iOS11. Now it needs all the necessary Data to be reprogrammed. To be precise the original S/N and original B/T Wifi mac address.

iCloud removal iOS 11

Conclusion iCloud removal iOS 11: Always try to Backup original data from the original Nand and reprogram it back to the New one. You will clone a serial number to other ipad, but if the original Nand is completely damaged and you cannot read the data then you need to get a new SERIAL that matches that ipad and program that data to Nand.
If you guys follow these steps i hope you will have no difficulty on Activation process.

In this new method, you don’t need to remove any resister, you need only a NAND Data Programmer (flash naviplus pro3000), and a valid serial number. Check this video to understand all the process to remove icloud on ipad.

In theory, this method also works in some iPhones 32bits and 64bits devices.  iPhone 5S/6/6Plus/Mini2/iPad Air/iPad Air2 HDD REPAIRER, also support 32bit iphone 4 4S 5 5C.


iCloud removal iOS 11


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