idevicererestore for windows and mac downgrade 32bit devices

idevicererestore for windows and mac downgrade 32bit devices

idevicererestore is a free tool will let you downgrade your iphone ipad and ipod , 32bit devices using a 32bit device bug. very useful special if you are stuck on iOS 9.3.5 you can downgrade using this tool for 32-bit now for windows. you will need your saved blogs.

why you need blobs, shsh?

When you downgrade, iTunes communicates with Apple’s server to check if the restore is allowed and if not signed you will not downgrade, Blobs are like a way to save that response so that you can downgrade later. thays why everyone should save ther blobs.

for windows you only need the cmd window and drag the idevicererestore.exe file add the blobs into the same folder as the idevicererestore file type : -r yourdowngradefile.ipsw.

will look like >… idevicererestore.exe -r yourdowngradefile.ipsw

idevicererestore windows version:

Re-Restore bug discovered by alitek12 Requires saved iOS 9.x blobs (local or Cydia) 32 bit/iOS 9.x only

Download idevicererestore for mac

Download idevicererestore for linux

Download idevicererestore for windows ( Chinese )

Download ( official version )

Alternative download and info 

NOTE: this windows version is compiled from a Chinese forum will be in Chinese but works same way with the commands , you will need SHSH. blogs

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