iMac and Macbook T2 chip can be Jailbroken and gain full control of the system.

By combining two exploits initially developed for jailbreaking iPhones, security researchers claim they can also jailbreak Macs and MacBook devices that include Apple’s latest line of T2 security chips.

The powerful jailbreak checkra1n can cracks Apple’s Mac security chip. Checkm8 vulnerability is letting anyone exploit an unusual Mac vulnerability to bypass Apple’s trusted T2 security chip and gain deep system access, run Linux on the T2 or play Doom on a MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Combines two exploits previously used to jailbreak iOS devices, because T2 chip is based on the A10 processor.

Apple, there are some engineers that need to fall on their swords. “This works because “Apple left a debugging interface open in the T2 security chip shipping to customers, allowing anyone to enter Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode without authentication.”

With @checkra1n 0.11.0, you can now jailbreak the T2 chip in your Mac. An incredible amount of work went into this and it required changes at multiple levels.

How to Jailbreak T2 MacBooks and iMacs

According to developers jailbreaking T2 security, chip involves connecting to a Mac/MacBook via USB-C and running version 0.11.0 of the Checkra1n jailbreaking software during Mac’s boot-up process.

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