iphone4 bypass icloud with carrier signal

Icloud Bypass with carrier signal for iphone4. Tutorial iPhone 4 GSM IOS 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 (important). Icloud Bypass with carrier signal all files. iphone4 bypass icloud with carrier signal. It is now possible to get signal on iphone4 icloud bypass ios 7.2.1 following this tutorial.

iphone4 bypass icloud

Steps to jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 along with Icloud Bypass with carrier signal iphone4

1. Restore to IOS 7.1.1 / 7.1.2

2. upon restoring remove from pc do not let iTunes detect that its locked. no sim installed no wireless (important point)

3. turn off phone close itunes and enter DFU Mode (Google it how to enter DFU Mode)

4. Launch ssh_rd_rev04b-iPhone4-RevA.jar (download)

5. when its done connect to Localhost port 2022 user root pw alpine using WinSCP (Download)

6. once scp loads open terminal window and run mount.sh

7. get to root and go mnt1/applications

8. Backup folder Setup.app Just in case we need it later and delete it from iphone.

9. move back another step and copy the Mnt1 and Mnt2 folders (download)

10. * Restart the Iphone. use tiny umbrella (download) to get out of recovery mode. should be bypassed however itunes will still ask for the unlock info, so do not connect it to itunes. (important)

11. now enter DFU mode again

12. reconnect with ssh*.jar and winscp remember to run mount.sh

13. navigate to /mnt2/root/Library/ and placed the Caches folder (download)

14. in that same folder place Lockdown folder (download)

15. add these files device_private_key to the lockdown folder.(download)

16. now navigate to /mnt1/usr/libexec and put the lockdownd (download)

17. * Restart and itunes will greet you to your new Iphone. no sim yet. 18. add wireless.

19. now add your icloud account to it 20. send a msg to it from icloud then erase/wipe the iphone from remote and finally remove from icloud.

21. Iphone will reboot to inactivated state.. restore to 7.1.1

22. put in your sim and you are golden THIS RESTORES CELL SERVICE AS THE SETUP.APP HAS A SETUP FILE THAT EXECUTES WHEN ACTIVATION ENDS THIS IS WHAT ENABLES ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF THE IPHONE. Tested in 3 iPhones so far One with Hard Lockdown and the one that had a limit on icloud accounts. also for JailBreak use Pangu works perfectly fine.

FOR iphone4 bypass icloud works on CDMA AND CDMA-GMS MODELS I AM ATTACHING THE REQUIRED MNT1 AND MNT2. (not tested)

Download All Files HERE :

NOTE: Icloud bypass is possible using software its the only device with iBoot exploit. it means you can remove icloud using custom firmware.


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