Lost mode and BYPASS

You have a iphone or ipad in lost mode with owner message so this is for you

icloud bypass proxy server

Young hacker Nerd88 make a experimente and report success removing iCloud in one iphone 5S in lost mode with 7.1.1 with crash error

Here are the steps

For the “trick” you need:

First you need to activate you phone (crach error- let u go to springboard) with the @rafaelcarioca7 proxy method tutorial and it needs to be in lost mode with owner message only. then jailbreak using pangu 1.0.1. install Cydia , Open cydia type ifile and download it. or you can install open ssh and browse the filesystem via putty. but it is better and easier to use ifile from cydia directly. Go to /var/mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles and there delete CloudConfigurationDetails then go to /var/mobile/Library/Accounts and delete all the files there. Restart the phone connect it to itunes and restore it. and … surprise !!!!! New phone !!!!

works on iphone 4S

Try this new method maybe work with your idevice too