New Serial Number to replace for icloud Unlock iPads with MagicCFG

New Serial Number generator to replace for icloud lock iPads with MagicCFG, Free serial WiFi BT Serial para iPad, A8, A8X, A9, A9X, A10, A11 SN, WiFi, BT, Serial, Air2, 2017, 2018, Pro, 2017, a2197, 1954, A1893/a2200.

This Serial generator its for checkm8 devices only, you need replace old serial to new one. make sure you know what you are doing or might damage your iPad.

Old iPad A8 and A9 you need special cable to replace Serial number.

1 – Generate new keys use only the ones that have icloud unlock, FMIOFF

2- connect your iPad to purple mode with MagicCFG Download MagicCFG if your need

3- now make the connection and replace the 3 keys you need ( serial WiFi BT )

4-save all keys and factory reset your device.

New Serial Number to replace for icloud lock iPads with MagicCFG

To generate new keys use this API link , use this moderate , do not spam this links or the keys will be useless.

How to change Serial iPhone and iPad A8 to A11 devices with DFU MagicCFG and erase to keep the same iOS15 iOS16

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