Remove iPad iPhone IPod Restrictions and MDM Profile

Remove iPad iPhone IPod Restrictions and MDM Profile

So the first thing you’re going to do is make sure your location services are off and FMI as well. Also when turn off airplane mode. i’m gonna be showing you how to override your restricion passcode to whatever you want in a very easy process so first we need to do is plug iPad in a computer. now what you have to do is hit backup your idevice using the software iBackupBot , when backup is completed so you wanna hit yes and open your backup files,  so now that we have our backup you can see that there’s a whole bunch files and what you need to do is edit the right files to edit your new passcode.


So now we want to go to that backup files and find – System Files —> Home Domain —> Library —> Preferences and look up for open it and will open as you follow on video tutorial a String Between  </dict> and  <key>SBPrototypeSettingsNeedsMigration</key>

add this new code ( check video also for additional information )


with new restriction code – Save all back to backup file and restore it again via restore backup iBackupBot

Download code :

to remove MDM Profile is almost same method with a little different , just need remove all files from _ configuration folder , follow the video tutorial for additional information



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