How to check if your iphone is Blacklist

How to check if your iPhone is Blacklist

Free check Blacklist (Lost/Stolen) Mobile by IMEI

You can check your IMEI number is Blacklisted in AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telus…Blacklist IMEI is lost, stolen or ineligible (Barred, Blocked, Financed, Under Contract) mobile phone. Always check blacklist before buy, sell or get the phone. Supported:+ USA: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS+ Canada: Telus+ Sweden: Telenor+ Japan: Softbank, AU KDDI
How to check if your iphone is Blacklist

A lot of iPhones are stolen and they go to black market. The new users of a stolen device might not even know their handset belongs to someone else, so they start using it. In order to protect people from having their iPhone used by third-party people, carriers companies  block the IMEI, The unique 15-digit identifier of every iDevice manufactured by apple  which can be found by pressing *#06#.

Stealing or use a lost iPhone are two main reasons why iPhone gets blacklisted. There are other terms that identify this. They are barring and blocking. If the iPhone is blacklisted by a carrier, it is impossible to use this handset on this carrier’s network. So if you need to know if your iPhone is blacklist you can use this web page database to check it for free. This is nothing to do with icloud or unlock icloud , this service just help you to get information about or IMEI. If the original owner report the mobile phone as stolen or Lost to his carrier companies .

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Even if you bypass icloud and your iPhone is blacklisted you will not be able to make calls .