After 10 Years on Twitter, idevicetool Was Permanently Suspended Without a Good Reason

Twitter’s algorithm suspended my account @idevicetool. I knew this could happen becouse in the last 3 month many other acconts were suspended related to jailbreak and icloud! But i was not doing anything wrong, only sharing blob posts, but without any reason twitter suspend my accont for Violating Twitter TOS, that was the motive, I am sure there is always something on Twitter that you can be suspended, but the worst part of this was that i lost all my friends, follows, contacts i lost 30k follows. After 10 Years on Twitter, Was Permanently Suspended Without a Specific and good Reason. They just kick me out.

A generic message was sent that I was suspended. we need to quickly find alternative ways to communicate with our community. Rebuilding an audience over social media is not an easy task. The majority of people won’t make the effort to follow me again, but I am trying to keep the work. Being banned from Twitter is the online equivalent of being thrown out of a party. If Twitter doesn’t want us there we will find a new place to keep developers and users united.

New contacts






After 10 Years on Twitter, I Was Permanently Suspended Without a Good Reason

You can find me on Twitter here on @myexiphone will not use it regularly but from time to time I will update and say hello to my friends.

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