Apple iOS Airdrop Vulnerability Patched on iOS13.3

Apple has dop out iOS 13.3 this week. With big iOS updates, Apple has fixed numerous security bugs including AirDoS vulnerability allowing airdrop attacks on nearby devices.

Depending upon the target device’s settings, anyone who had allowed for AirDrop sharing either everyone or contacts, could suffer this attack.

Remotely render any nearby iPhone or iPad unusable

This iOS bug could make every iPhone or iPad unusable by this iOS airdrop attack.

“How would you stop this if someone were to use this attack on you? Simply run away! It’ll get you out of range from the attacking device. Okay, I’m not sure how well that’d work in an airplane.” Or you can most of the time, stop this by turning off AirDrop/WiFi/Bluetooth.

If you want replicate the bug you can visit the kishanbagaria github page with all information and details. – AirDos

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