Bug in the latest iOS 12 beta how to fix

Bug in the latest iOS 12 beta how to fix. keeps popping up to update when opening apps but there is no update to fix this bug. for many people, this is one Most frustrating bug on ios12. 

I suppose people upset about the iOS 12 update bug should realize these things happen in Beta tests. Don’t run a Beta release on your main phone if you can’t take the stress.

You have two solutions to fix this bug:

Downgrade for iOS 11.4.1 using 3utools or itunes

Or you can follow this tutorial to fix this bug ( temporary solution until an ios12 update )

  1. you go to general > data and time
  2. turn off set automatic
  3. change date for 2 or 3 days ago
  4. that’s it
  5. no more popup

Bug in the latest iOS 12 beta how to fix



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