Should i buy icloud locked iphone

Should i buy icloud locked iPhone. iCloud is not just storage apple cloud space, it’s also how Apple communicates across the devices and his ecosystem. There is no easy way to remove an iCloud lock, unless you can contact the original owner of the device. Otherwise, it’s a near-useless peace of glass.

Should i buy icloud locked iphone ?

Should i buy icloud locked iPhone

Unless your intention is to use it for parts to fix another iPad or iPhone. An activation locked iCloud locked iPad, iPhone, iPod , MacBook or Apple watch has no good use, since there’s no way to bypass the activation lock.

If you’re looking for a cheap used iPhone, find one in good condition and for a reasonable price, but if the Activation Lock is on, it will not be a good business. An iPhone that has been Activation Locked can only be unlocked with the iCloud credentials of its owner.

You should always check if the device has icloud activation ON. How? using the IMEI, ask the IMEI and check using this online icloud checkers – find my iPhone is ON or OFF.

Should i buy icloud locked iphone

Should i buy icloud locked iphone

When someone signs into iCloud on any iOS device, it locks the device to that user’s Apple ID. That is separate from the device itself. As a result, even if the device is completely erased, the phone is recognized as being attached to that Apple ID. There is no way to bypass that on latest devices and if you do not have that Apple ID and password, the phone is useless.

An iCloud lock iPhone is a security layer to protect the device from theft. Many thieves have tried to trick people into buying iCloud locked phones.

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