How to change icloud account without password

Change iCloud account from any apple device is not big deal even without the password this tutorial will explain 3 tutorials to change icloud account without password on activated devices.

How to change icloud account without password

what is activated device? Activated means when the iPhone is connected to apple servers and get cellular data connection, after the activation in iTunes you will also have access to the springboard. You can make calls and you will see on iTunes  “iPhone is activated”. If you don’t have a cellular data connection (4G, EDGE, GPRS) you won’t be able to make calls and you have only 1 bar of reception or no service. If you only have 1 bar and no carrier at the status bar, it isn’t activated.

  1. How to recover icloud ID account password first step

First, you must try the easiest way by recovering the icloud/email password. for that, there is two ways to recover email and password or if only you need, just password. i did make a video tutorial explaining this method but basically, you need to go into type your email and ask to recover the password , like in the video bellow. On the device, you must ( Turn ON ) the option receive emails on the device ( turn on email option ). You will receive now all icloud emails in your device. NOTE:

NOTE: This only works if the recovery password email is the same of icloud email, most of the cases it can be. If not lets continue to the next method … using the itunes backup.


2. How find email / icloud password into iTunes encrypted backup?

You must try this software only if the first one using email recovery did not work. When you create a backup iTunes encrypt all sensitive information like your passwords and personal information, but all is stored there what you should do is make a local backup ( computer backup ). Get the Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker Professional

there is also this video tutorial it can guide you how to bypass icloud – find icloud password in the backup : search apple id string, icloud id strings emails , am sure one of this will have your icloud password.


3. remove icloud without password using custom backup without icloud

The last method and 100% working is also simple but here there is a difference, you can remove a old backup you will not be able to completely remove from apple servers. you can do everything with the iphone or ipad , install new apps , use as well with new icloud but it you restore your device the first icloud will be asked.

What you need is download custom backup the best one is ( ios 7.1.2 ) with no icloud and find my iphone is turn OFF. What you need here is inject this backup in your device and magic will happen. again here we make a tutorial you must follow step by step. We use iBackupBot to upload the backup, this works for windows and mac. The backup we use on the video you can download here: .

How to change icloud account without password.

This last method works in all IOS ios 7.x to 10.3.1

Follow me on twitter @deviceTool for any question you may have, we all love apple devices.

hope this tutorial will help you to remove icloud account without password.

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