iCloud bypass source code for 7.1.2 and iPad 2 ios 9.3.5

iCloud Bypass iPad 2 All iOS and All iDevices 7.1.2, Open Source by myicloudinfo no need Jailbreak. Supported devices : iPad 2,1  2,2  2,3 2,4  All iOS & All iDevices ios 7.1.2 Easy to use follow these steps :

  • Download bypass.php
  • Upload the bypass.php in Your Host
  • Use libimobiledevice ideviceactivation to Bypass Your iDevice
  • example of command: ideviceactivation activate -s example.com/bypass.php
  • Enjoy Your iDevice is bypassed!

ideviceactivation activate -s example.com/bypass.php

Download Source-Code bypass ipad2 and iOS 7.1.2

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These files are simple and incredible well made because they are “open souce” for those who want to learn, develop new icloud tools and start to understand how icloud bypass works, you must have these files because with them you can build your own server and bypass iCloud on ipad2 and all devices with 7.2.1 without jailbreak.

How this icloud bypass source code works? 

In this icloud bypass method if you restart your device after bypass icloud you will need to reactivate your device again, this will not remove icloud from apple servers but it is possible to make this bypass Untether Method with jailbreak, after the bypass you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad go to Cydia and install iFILE ( Cydia app ) open ifile and go to the mobile root files: here you need to find the setup.app folder and completely remove the folder, restart and iphone and you don’t need to reactivate again.

  • First, you need to download libimobiledevice, extract to your computer and run ideviceactivation on your command prompt like on this image :
  • drag to the cmd window ideviceactivation it will look like in the image
  • ideviceactivation activate -s example.com/bypass.php ( press enter )
  • Connect your supported device (iOS7.x and ipad2 iOS9.3.5) into the computer and activate like in this image.
  • jailbreak the device and remove the setup files to avoid asking you again for activation ( how to remove setup folder with jailbreak )


icloud bypass new server ios 7.1.2 ipad 2 ios 9.3.5

icloud bypass new server ios 7.1.2 ipad 2 ios 9.3.5

Prepare your iphone or ipad to bypass icloud

  • Download libimobiledevice windows version
  • Open cmd.exe on windows and drop on the cmd windows the ideviceactivation.exe file then just copy and paste this line in after the ideviceactivation.exe and press enter after.

ideviceactivation.exe -s press enter to activate.

icloud bypass server ios 7.1.2 ipad 2 9.3.5

NOTE: it is possible to make this bypass Untether Method you need jailbreak your iphone. after the bypass icloud go to jailbreak ios 7.1.2 or iOS9.3.5.

Go to Cydia and install iFILE ( Cydia app ) open ifile and go to the mobile root files here you need to find the setup.app folder and completely remove the folder.

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