Concept to trick icloud

Concept to trick icloud

This is an interesting ideia that it is worth try. from CrokoM Using a simple software for windows to freeze the jailbreak process or even itunes registration.


Free Process Freezer is an easy to use free program for suspending (freezing) and resuming processes. It works similar to Windows Task Manager, but instead of terminating the process, the program allows you to suspend the problematic process and resume it later. This program is very handy when a process is consuming lots of system resources, but you do not want to terminate it. In this case, use Free Process Freezer to suspend the process without losing any data, and resume it later whenever you wish.

this is only an ideia do not means can work or will work just like that but could be good information if something happen , or even to use together with other software to activate icloud or bypass. To try this you will need two devices with same ios installed , 2 iphones or 1 iphone 1 ipad with ios 7.1.2 as example .


Plug any idevice ( not jailbreaked and with same version of iCloud locked device ) to windows computer .
Run Jailbreak Software ( TAIG or PANGU )
Download and run an Process Freezer software (google it)

Quickly click jailbreak and freeze the process

Unplug your iPhone and plug your iCloud locked device.

What there ?

Concept to trick icloud

more Downloads and info


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