Crack iOS Restriction Passcode using brute force

Crack iOS Restriction Passcodes using brute force. iOSRestrictionBruteForce v2.1.0 – Crack any iOS Restriction Passcodes With Python. This version of the application is written in Python, which is used to crack the restriction passcode of an iPhone, iPad and ipod takes advantage of a flaw in unencrypted backups allowing the hash and salt to be discovered.

iOSRestrictionBruteForce is a small application for Mac and Linux which attempts to find the restrictions passcode for an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) by brute force examination of its iTunes backup, without needing to jailbreak the device.

How to use iOS Restriction BruteForce v2.1.0.

  1. Clone/install repository using terminal
     git clone && cd iOSRestrictionBruteForce
  2. Make sure to use iTunes or libimobiledevice to backup the iOS device to your computer
  3. Run terminal and type with the auto option

how does this work?

This code was made with the Passlib python module. the first step trys the top 20 four-digit pins, then Trys birthdays between 1900-2017 and for last module method use Brute force pins from 1 to 9999.

Download latest version:

Crack iOS Restriction Passcode using brute force

Download latest version

iOSRestrictionBruteForce v2.1.0

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