GRAYSHIFT spyware unlock iPhone passcode secretly

New Grayshift spyware lets police secretly snatch iPhone passcodes. Mobile forensics firm Grayshift is marketing a software tool that can reveal a user’s iPhone passcode without cracking the device, according to a new report. It seems more and more likely that Apple will remove external ports on the iPhone thus further limiting such exploits. I’d be curious if they eventually make their new iphone 12 entirely wireless.


GRAYSHIFT spyware unlock iPhone passcode secretly

The Hide UI tool is a piece of spyware that can be installed on an iPhone via GrayKey servers. Once on the user’s device, it “hides” itself, but continues to track user input. If a user types their passcode when Hide UI is active, the software can record it and use it to bypass encryption later works on iOS12 and iOS13 firmware, on the latest devices.

You may remember Grayshift for its unlocking passcode GrayKey BOX, a digital forensic tool that can cut encryption on the iPhone by brute force. Even though it’s been tested against even the latest iPhone model, the process used can take days, if not weeks to complete.

Time for Apple to update the iOS firmware, the last 6 mount many exports were announced.

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