Hackers say will remotely wipe icloud accounts Unless Apple Pays

Hackers claim to have breached hundreds of millions of Apple icloud accounts

“Hackers Will Remotely Wipe icloud accounts Unless Apple Pays”

200 Million iCloud accounts will be factory reset on April 7 2017

On the last week, many apple news magazines came out with an allegation of hacker group obtained access to more than 300 million iCloud accounts. If apple did not pay to the hackers group they will erase / remove all icloud accounts. The Turkish Crime Family hacker group, which spoke to Motherboard Online magazine, want $75,000, or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards to stop the attack.

In myicloud opinion, If they really managed to exploit iCloud, they should just disclose the vulnerability and get a “bug bounty program” from Apple, instead of fooling around with icloud.

we know someone could still erase your iPhone remotely if have your password. You only need your Apple ID/password to get into Find my iPhone and erase your phone, but this seems nothing to do with icloud passwords but with some exploit into apple servers.

Note from the hackers: (Also this sum of “$75,000” is very inaccurate and was given to apple by one of our media team which offered $75,000 per person which was later upped to $100,000 per person. There are 7 members in the group. We also requested additional stuff from Apple which we would prefer to keep it private)

Apple, by law has to notify all customers if there was a data breach, exposing their servers or account details. Anyone can make a claim, and credentials could come from other – non-Apple sources. People reuse passwords all the time, so who knows. It’s not Apple’s problem. I think 300 million, sounds like Yahoo numbers. If you use the same password on multiple accounts, it’s your own fault. Responding to Hackers’ Claims, Apple Clarifies That iCloud and Apple ID Accounts Haven’t Been Compromised

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