How to use TinyUmbrella downgrade

How to use TinyUmbrella downgrade

news : Downgrade ios

the new tinyumbrella is based on new exploit fond recently thanks to an exploit that was found by iH8sn0w, yes our canadian friend, he is back on jailbreak scenario working with Semaphore as well. we can actually see them working talking on twitter about the progress and improvements in this new tool, tinyumbrella . Also you will have surprise and this new version. For now only beta is available and still have the Important way to Save iOS 8.2 SHSH Blobs of iPhone 6. the surprise how they say is  TinyUmbrella will let you downgrade for iOS 8.2 – 8.1 or even 7 or 6 Downgrade only if you save your SHSH blobs of course . They are working on a new method to downgrade implemented on TinyUmbrella.

This week end we know from other developer working with Taig and seems they are using maybe the same exploit to work with new jailbreak , the one for IOS 8.2. All this developers are working to release at same time. This do not have nothing to do with Icloudbypass, in other hand they all help in general, we need more details about this exploit , the people are working on this is not reveling where is this leak . So only apple will be able to find it maybe after release. I must say is taking too long for new icloud bypass, at this moment there we are taking a big step back because fake bypass. But we must not give up and all this new developments make it clear the iphone hack in in good health . please check also this links to download or try it if you do not know How to use TinyUmbrella visit:


try tinyumbrela the latest version (still beta) 

how to use tinyumbrella




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