icloud bypass Iphone 6. New method to unlock iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus using itunes backup without icloud or apple id. This works for ios11 ios10 ios 9. for ipad, and ipadpro versions.

You can unlock icloud or remove FMI from an activated device using one customized backup, this method works on all iPhone including iphone 6 and 6s. What you need is get one backup from lower ios.

if you follow step by step this tutorial you will be able to remove icloud and FMI.

icloud bypass iPhone

Also some work if being done to make this method full working on non activated idevices. For now its possible remove icloud and activate iphone 4 even if its not activated using the root exploit.

For now, for free only Bypass icloud iPhone 6 and iphone 6s using this backup and reset phone method:

download tools :

  1. update/download iTunes latest version
  2. download this backup Download this backup
  3. add this new backup at itunes backup folder: check here where
  4. follow the video prepare your device to (reset all settings )
  5. when iTunes start to identify the device immediately backup the iPhone ( you must be fast ).
  6. wait for restart and that’s all.

icloud bypass Iphone 6 ios11

Remove bypass icloud id activated iphone ipad ipod download files

You may also be interested in creating a DNS bypass using this method.

how to create your own icloud bypass DNS captive portal


icloud bypass iPhone 6


Unlock iCloud Lock Permanently Activated iPhone