iCloud Relocker exploit working

iCloud Relocker exploit working. This is iCloud Relock auto, remote script exploit by Minacriss. In Summer 2016 Minacriss and a small team found an incredible exploit to remove icloud on any Apple devices Serial models including ipads, ipods, apple watch and MacBooks. After the code was leaked apple patch the icloud activation on apple/Albert servers. But for what my investigation goes this was not completely patched by Apple. The bug was so huge that Apple was not completely sure about what was wrong. the iCloud Unlock By Serial for all idevices except Cellular was patched that is for sure but the relock no, not only the relock, also the developers are still available to generate new devices serials with custom names and activate some old devices UDIDs.

ReLock to iCloud – Relock your lost device on your iCloud Account. Now you can re-lock it to your own Apple ID

Now the complete circle: iCloud ID Relock Service Is for sell – Turn On Find My iPhone – You Lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or think it might be stolen? Re-lock any Apple device by turning Find My iPhone On. so that it can be located and prevent the holder from using it. All you need is the IMEI and serial, minacriss relock server will get it re-locked to a custom iCloud ID. Once completed, the service provides you with the iCloud ID and Password. Find my iPhone must be off before using this service. check the video to understand all process for iCloud Relocker exploit working.

iCloud Relock

” Selling my iCloud Relock auto+remote script+exploit DM for price contact @minacrisOficial ”


iCloud Relocker exploit by Minacriss video DEMO

minacriss icloud relocker 2.0

minacriss icloud relocker 2.0


UPDATE: July 2018

iCloud Relock bug patched


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