iCloud Unlock Methods 

iCloud Unlock Best Methods. Today a friend from twitter send me a pdf with some tips to unlock icloud using ios11 bugs for iPhones. Personally, I don’t think this will work especially after Apple has fixed the crash and the bug on icloud iOS 11. The activation screen crashes its one old bug and was working on ios 11 beta versions, not in ios 11.x official versions. The iOS 11.03 bug was patched in November right after everythigapplepro make a video about this passcode activation screen to unlock icloud.  I will add here the new and updated tips it may help you to unlock icloud or bypass activation screen. If it isn’t working for you, probably you are not on supported firmware version. Note this is for educational purposes only.

iCloud Unlock iOS 11

iCloud Unlock Methods 

iCloud Unlock

Method 1

Unlock with passcode option 

Tested on iOs 11.03 – restore Your iDevice to iOs 11.X and find the screen Unlock by Passcode This will come up if the two-factor authentication is enabled and touch id is set –

(NO PAsscode Option? – Go to Method 2)

On passcode enter 000000 then 477112 Then 744111 Again Phone Will Ask For PAsscode – Enter 332211 Before you enter the 4th Digit Phone Will BypAss the PAsscode Screen Phone Will Ask to Create Touch ID & Passcode. Skip the Screen and you Are Done!

If You Are Unable to Restore to iOs 11, Then try the Above Method on Your Current iOs Version but you will need 2FA enabled. Also, Refer Our Other Methods. Do not try to Update iOs Version Without Confirm if Your Version is  Supported to Unlock or NOT. Once You upgrade your icloud lock device You can lose a chance to Unlock iCloud With ios11.x bug.

iCloud Unlock Methods

iCloud Unlock Methods 

Method 2

Activation Lock Removal icloud bypass using Emoji Symbols- iOS 11 and iOS 12

Turn on the Phone ON Select language and Country Goto The Screen Where ID & PAssword is Asking tap on the “Enter Apple ID” Enter The First Letter of Apple ID – Which Shows in the Screen After the First Letter – Put Emoji Symbols in the Remaining Place. Put 32 characters and Symbols in The ID Section Copy The User ID Symbols And characters – Paste it Two Times in Password tap Login.

Screen Will Show Apple ID & password is Wrong Do not Worry – Repeat Enter Same ID & Same Password Numerous Times Phone Will start Work very Slow or Slow Responding – But Try AgAin Again, Phone Will Show The 6 Digit Passcode Screen To Bypass The Lock Screen.

Now Try The Method # 1 iPhone Will automatically Remove The Current Apple ID & Password.

NOTE: These methods are not tested on all devices and we know apple patched the ios11 bug already, but you can try your luck if you wish so.

icloud Unlock iOS 12

iCloud Unlock iOS 12

iCloud Unlock


As an alternative, you can also use the free DNS method to temporary bypass icloud on iOS 12 and iOS 11.

A recent story article like popular Motherboard highlights trending new methods, where hackers with stolen devices phish for iCloud passwords with sophisticated phishing software, trying to fool the owners of the devices into giving them login details. You must be aware of these illegal methods.  They can unlock icould and resold as refurbished devices but this is not hacking. The story even talks about hackers obtaining fake iPhone purchase receipts and looking up secret databases to find details about the original owner. Also they can make it look authentic to Apple specialists and Genius Bar representatives, using social engineering to fool them into unlocking iCloud on stolen devices.

icloud unlock

icloud unlock iOS12

All of this is absolutely happening, but does this make the act of unlocking iCloud on an iPhone or iPad illegal? Assume that you bought a used iPhone on eBay with the original charge of sale and everything. But you now can not contact the original seller or there’s no way to get a word of them. What do you do after paying all that money on a used iPhone? An iCloud activation lock removal is the only thing that will save your iPhone, wouldn’t you agree? If you have any questions about removing an iCloud activation lock or unlocking your iPhone from icloud or even carrier network using free or exploits and bugs, please reach out to twitter or facebook team for any help. iCloud remover helps you to permanently unlock iCloud activation lock from your iPhone or iPad. Your iPhone will be free and no longer locked by iCloud activation.

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