ios11 QR Code bug – Malicious links, your device is Vulnerable

ios11 QR Code bug – Malicious links, your device is Vulnerable. iOS11 QR bug is still not patched, meaning your device is vulnerable up to this point! Users have mentioned it, however, Apple hasn’t fixed it yet. This allows malicious links to appear in place of actual ones.

What’s going on with the QR bug?  that’s been surfacing on the internet so far these couple days on iOS11. Apple has included a feature where you guys can actually scan your QR code directly from the camera app.  now with this feature available in the camera app it makes it very easy to scan a random QR. Might direct you to the legitimate website it might then redirect you to a malicious one . Now if you guys have been scrolling around the web I’m sure you guys have seen a lot of these news stories.  But seems like customers have been trying to address this issue with Apple but until this point, it seems like Apple has not fixed it at all.

ios11 QR Code bug - Malicious links, your device is Vulnerable

ios11 QR Code bug

This is a pretty big concern so most likely it’s gonna be coming out with iOS11.3. So we’ll have to wait and see for now. We will explain to you how exactly happens with ios11 QR Code bug – Malicious links. You guys go and scan a QR code and supposed to be linking to for example however after a few seconds it would redirect you all the way back to some other malicious link.

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Your device is Vulnerable to ios11 QR Code bug and Malicious links

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