Open Menu FMIOFF with a proxy for all activated devices

If you forgot your iCloud password, you can now remove iCloud and find my iphone iCloud FMI-OFF for All iPad Active Open Menu with Server Proxy No Need PC or Jailbreak.

Icloud fmi off support 5s up to iphone 12 pro max, for opened menu only remove icloud turn off find my phone for all iphone and ipad with open menu (active menu) with proxy. The same thing for ipads all ios version:

Remove iCloud and Turn off Find my phone for all iPhone and iPad Open menu (Active Menu) with Proxy

Service Features: – Support all ver iOS9 up to 14.x – Active Menu Device Only. – Device On Menu Supported. All Support – Service iCloud FMI Status To Off.


Devices open menu / Access menu / forgot password iPhone 5 to 12 pro max iPad All Models iOS 10 to 14.xx supported no need to jailbreak

  • Remove the sim, Select your wifi to choose wifi name press the letter “i” select Manual Proxy to add this proxy Server: Port: 8899 select Save.
  • go to safari and install FIDDLER CERTIFICATE HERE select “install now” select “Yes” or “Allow”
  • Go to settings, select General Settings (General) select profile and “Do_Not_Trust_FidderRoot” select “install” select Done.
  • Go to settings select General settings (General) select About (About) select the last line “Trusted certification settings” to accept the certificate. “Do_not_trust_fiddlerRoot” select ON.
  • Go to settings (Setting), select “iCloud” go to iCloud storage bar, and wait for FMIOFF.
  • Contact iDEVTEAM for low-cost service and REMOVE ICLOUD.
  • DONE

Open Menu FMIOFF with a proxy for all activated devices

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