Pangu releases Jailbreak ATV4

Pangu releases Jailbreak ATV4. How jailbreak apple tv v4 , ATV4 requires arm64 binaries, So jailbreak developers may port their tweaks and apps to ATV with ssh available. Check the guide before jailbreaking your ATV. Pangu just releases today jb for ATV4. Checkout at . Current jailbreak will give u ssh access to ATV4 with tvOS 9.0/9.0.1

Download jailbreak apple tv 4 

apple tv jailbreak ios9.1Pangu releases Jailbreak ATV4

  • How to prepare for the Apple TV 4 Jailbreak
  • how to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 (9.0.x) for Free!

Pangu releases Jailbreak for ATV4

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