How save .shsh2 blobs to downgrade with tsschecker/Prometheus

save .shsh2 blobs downgrade tsschecker/Prometheus



Auto-tsschecker the method to Save yours iPhone iPad iPod  .SHSH2 blobs for Prometheus to Downgrade to Unsigned iOS Firmware.

How to Save .SHSH2 Blobs for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Open the following link:
  • Paste the ECID you had copied above.
  • Select your device type i.e. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Next, enter your iOS device’s identifier, eg. If your iPhone’s model identifier is iPhone9,1, then just enter 9,1 in the identifier field next to the device type.
  • Press Submit.

The results give you a new link,  to your saved .shsh2 blobs files. In case you lose your link, you can get download your .shsh2 blobs again by visiting

auto-tsschecker – Input device model and ECID and the script will save every possible SHSH2 blobs (with and without apnonces) organizing them in folders. Multiple devices supported

save .shsh2 blobs downgrade tsschecker/Prometheus

latest compiled version of tsschecker can now be downloaded

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