R-SIM 12 and 14 UPDATED

Recently, due to the iPhone background server failer apple found the same ICCID number and activated on multiple iPhone generating abnormal online data at the same time, Apple shut down the activation service of the locked ICCID at 4:20 am on July 20, so all the lock ICCID unlock modes are prompt an activate data error caused the unlocking failer, the R-SIM team actively targeted the unlocking problem and re-designed the activation program. Finally, on August 8, the R-SIM team found a solution and will fix the unlocking error program and release it. R-SIM14’s V18 and R-SIM12’s V16 fully automatic and stable. Will be a new method to unlock SIM CARD it will not be only a fully automatic unlocking will be also simple operation, and that achieves the perfect function of base station signal, 4G Internet access, Stable, etc. can be called lock-free iPhone, will the RSIM lock machine continue. R-SIM team continues to create the first card sticker perfect stable unlock leader, provide technical services for the unlock sim card industry, bring to the No lock benefits for the lock iphone users!

R-SIM 12 and 14 WILL BE UPDATED – R-SIM14’s V18 and R-SIM12’s V16 fully automatic and stable

2019/08/16 iccid: 8901 4104 2702 2598 7873

R-SIM14V 18 fully automatic perfect stable version of the new Mai mode unlock card incoming


1 -Enter the activation ICCID (follow the update of the latest ICCID code in the www.rsim5.com announcement)

2:Unlock mode (Settings – Phone or Cellular Mobile Network – Phone – SIM Card Application – R-SIM Program Page) 1- ICCID unlock mode, dedicated for ICCID unlock

2- TMSI AUTO mode, insert the card and pop-up the menu, select carrier -> select TMSI AUTO -> input activation ICCID – “point send ”->> pull card and insert card to enter the unlock mode, wait for the signal to appear. (This process will automatically exit after a short entry into active mode.

3- TMSI MANUAL mode: Select the carrier – “Select TMSI MANUAL” input activation ICCID – “point to send -” pull card and insert the card to enter the SIM application click – “Regain SIM Signal -> wait for the signal grid to appear, then pull the card and insert the card, wait for the signal Sometimes the unlocking is unsuccessful, need to dial 112 after the signal format appear, no need to turn off the phone, then pull the card, insert the card to wait for the signal.

4- After successful Activated phone does not need to be reactivated

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