Recover your iphone data with PhoneRescue for Mac and Windows

Recover your iphone data with PhoneRescue for Mac and Windows. Today we are going to show you one interesting software PhoneRescue. As you can see here the first thing we need to do is turn to airplane mode on your iPhone and then plug it in to the computer. PhoneRescue is a software that recovers sensitive data & files up to 31 types, covering photos, message, videos, files, and all your irreplaceable essentials from a local iTunes backup or from icloud. Multiple solutions are also available to ensure you retrieve what you want, under any conditions, even from bootloop iphone.
Once we’ve plugged in and make sure iTunes is closed. then we’ll click I’m ready to start. you will have 4 different methods to recover from iOS device.

  1. from an iTunes backup,
  2. from iCloud (online backup)
  3. iOS repair tool ( direct from your idevice)
  4. bootloop

The software also have some settings or options inside and it shows you the different how put formats that you can recover and where you can recover too. you’ve all these simple menus that let you figure out what you want to recover for example whatsapp messages. Its good way to get data back from iMessage or from photos or whatever you want. Once iphones connected it will say iPhone connected you can click next. depending on the storage size of your device and how much stuff is on there this can take awhile. wait until the software fully scanned the device. after all, process finish you will have access to everything that’s on the phone. This will recover anything that you can find including media that may not have been there before or that you might have deleted. your videos and photos will be completely recovered.
You will also see your music. Anything software finds can be recovered.

Recover your iphone data with PhoneRescue for Mac and Windows

Recover your iphone data with PhoneRescue for Mac and Windows

Download software PhoneRescue direct link MAC and windows versions
trial mac 

trial window 

  • This allows you to recover whatever you want and then you can recover it to another iPhone or to an older device or to your computer. you can select if you want to recover one doc or all files from the iPhone just pressing a button. It’ll say recovering your device data. will take a moment and wait again for all process.
  • This software does recover from an iTunes backup so if you have an iTunes backup on your device so maybe you back up to a mac you can recover it that way and you can see here are all the different devices that I’ve backed up to a mac. So if I go into my iPhone 7 plus. Next. We can compare it or do only scanned backup. And again it works the exact same way so we’ll look at that back up whether it’s large or small it will analyze it and then allow you to backup whatever’s inside of that. You can also recover from iCloud so if your device doesn’t work and it’s been backed up with iCloud you can pull the files from there as well. And then finally we have the iOS repair tools and under iOS repair tools.
  • You can use this software to recover from a boot loop and fix it if your device is jailbroken. so ill just kicking out of that boot loop reactivate your device after repairing or restore it. recover the status after repairing so it actually will repair and keep your jailbreak so that’s it for phone rescue it’s a nice application help to restore different apple iDevices including iphone, ipad and ipod.


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