Sonick icloud bypass tools (iOS12.3 up to iOS13.x)

Bypass iCloud Activation Tutorial. To bypass icloud using sonick tools, you need to go to to get the registration Serial number to run this simple software for mar or windows file (this is required).

Sonick icloud bypass tools (iOS12.3 up to iOS13.x)
Sonick icloud bypass

Sonick icloud bypass tools (iOS12.3 up to iOS13.x) the Sonick software Activator works on windows OS and MAC OS using the terminal for anyone with iCloud lock iphone on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) without carrier signal, iTunes will activate your device. With this tool, all iOS 12.x users up to the latest iOS13 will work only devices supported by checkra1n Jailbreak tool. who have found their device locked can bypass icloud. iCloud activation process without the original icloud ID credentials and Password.

Sonick icloud bypass tools (iOS12.3 up to iOS13.x)


how to use Sonich icloud bypass

  • Needs Registration Serial Number First Here ( paid service )
  • Run checkra1n ( your device need be bypassed )
  • Open your terminal and drop the for setup the libraries that your mac will need to hacktivate
  • Wait to setup the ihacktivation13
  • Run ihacktivation13 to hacktivate
  • in case you have errors
  • RUN AGAIN checkr1ain
  • Go to folder “~/.ssh” Delete file “know_host”
  • Run “killall -9 iproxy” (in Terminal)
  • repeat the steps, step for step

This has some limitation :

  • No carrier working ( you can not make calls )
  • this is a tethered bypass you will need to use the software again to bypass if you restart your device.


The random lockdowns are the only annoying bug of SoNick_14 iCloud bypass method, other than that it’s great if you want to use iTunes and other Apple services, but for stability, I’ll recommend F3arRa1n method to bypass and downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 with succession for an Untethered icloud bypass.

Download icloud bypass F3arRa1n iOS13.3 mac version

iOS13.2.3 is no longer signed by Apple, its now obsolete, but you can downgrade using this tutorial from iOS13.3.1 to iOS 13.2.1 .

iOS 13.3 Downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 No shsh blobs with succession

icloud bypass for iOS13 iphone go to the blog and search for icloud bypass ios 13, there you will find the most advanced and all updated version from iCloudbypassCA and activators. for the moment there’s no software for devices like iphone XS iPhone 11 or latest iPad pro but you can remove icloud all devices supported by checkra1n using jailbreak tools.


update:  Using this new method it is possible to downgrade any iOS 13.3 iCloud Bypassed device to iOS 13.2.3 for a fully untethered bypass. First, you will need to bypass using one of these two methods

Download Succession Restore

iOS 13.3 Downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 No shsh blobs with succession ( TUTORIAL )