iOS 13.3 Downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 No shsh blobs with succession

Downgrading IOS 13.3 to 13.2.3 without SHSH Blobs, using Succession! How to downgrade! , install Cydia, filza and succession 1.3.8 from github or repo. Download official ipsw and place in succession folder. Open succession, go to settings, set restore rootfs only! Let it open your ipsw and extract rootfs.

Once it has finished restore and fixing apps, it will reboot and boot loop. Put in recovery or dfu and jailbreak. Once it boots, delete, you can use one of the one click bypass or do it your self! Only issue I have is bellow!

Download Succession Restore

Downgrade to 13.2.3 Using Succession


  • Bypassed iCloud iDevice using SoNick_14 method (paid) or any other method like F3arRa1n or ShiftKey (free)
  • IOS 13.2.3 IPSW you can test it on older versions, and share it in twitter
  • Checkra1n v0.9.2 (link checkra1n)
  • iFunBox or any other iOS file transfer

• Download the latest version of Succession and filza from Cydia.
• Open Safari on your iDevice, go to “Succession 1.3.8” (link), download it, open it with filza and install it.

Download Succession Restore

• Open Succession, go to settings, scroll down and check if you have “Succession version 1.3.8”. set restore rootfs only!
• Rename your IPSW to “ipsw.ipsw”.
• Connect your iDevice to your PC/Mac.
• Open iFunbox go to Raw File System -> Succession, paste your “ipsw.ipsw” here.
• Once copied, go to your iDevice, open Succession, go to “Download Clean File System”, select “Use Provided IPSW” and restore.
• Once you get on “Reset Complete” screen, put your device in .dfu. mode (Your device will be in boot-loop. Its normal) and Jailbreak it using my Checicoln.
• Your iDevice should boot into “Setup” screen.
• Now you can bypass using SoNick_14 or use the icloud bypass software method, install Cydia … ENJOY IOS 13.2.3.

iCloud bypass iOS 13.2.3 software using (checkra1n)

iOS 13.3 Downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 No shsh blobs with succession

NOTE: Every time you restart your iDevice, you must Jailbreak it with this Checkra1n version.

Credits for this tutorial

@AgnostiCruel @P3T3Ks @SoNick_14

UPDATE 1: Apple is trying to avoid downgrade for the unsigned version you may note some iOS13 IPSW are reporting errors from apple servers Access denied to download ipsw. If this is intentional this method will be very difficult to use.


Change snapshot name to never go back to 13.3 after reboot,

  • Download Newterm2 from cydia
  • Then do this: snappy -f / -l
  • it will show your snapshot name, copy it then paste it here:

snappy -f / -r NAME_OF_YOUR_SNAPSHOT –to orig-fs

Example: snappy -f / -r!hhshajajjcndkdjbdhsjw –to orig-fs

If done correctly new term will give you a success message it will rename the SNAPSHOT.

alternative: you can To create one snapshot using this command:

  • Snappy -c 13.2.3 -f /
  • Snappy -r orig-fs –to 13.3 -f /

If your phone enter in to boot loop after a reboot, NO WORRIES. All you need to do is plug into PC, enter recovery mode, and jailbreak using checkra1n (any version of checkra1n ) and it’ll bring you back to lock screen on 13.2.3 ( or whatever firmware you downgraded to).

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