Full iCloud Bypass Service for iOS 12.2 – 13.3.x TETHERED

Sonick14.tech releases an amazing public icloud bypass to all checkra1n supported devices using the activation server method. This means you can activate your device and add new iCloud ID, use the home button, print screen, AppStore all works. BUT with no carrier signal so you can not make calls. also this is TETHERED.

Full iCloud Bypass Service for iOS 12.2 - 13.3.x TETHERED

Sonick14 iOS13 iOS12 icloud bypass activation service

This is an iCloud bypass with no signal, you can sync iTunes, use home button and everything else like an iPad. Its TETHERED at the moment.

PRICE: 15 USD ( via Paypal )

So if you have a device with FaceTime, iMessage and Face ID don’t work. You don’t have to run any script. You can sync with hour computer, Siri works, home works, screenshot works.

iCloud Bypass Service for iOS 12.2 – 13.3.x

iCloud bypass TETHERED means if your iphone reboots you need to bypass again, just double click on ihactivation.exe on windows.

Download files


Note: This is a bypass without signal, just like an iPad, its TETHERED 

For this process, you need a Mac and a Windows pc

In your mac:

-Jailbreak using checkra1n

-Connect to device using ssh

-Place the file called “bypass” inside the iPhone Media folder

-In ssh terminal type this 4 commands:

  • mount -o rw,union,update /
  • cd /var/mobile/Media
  • chmod +x bypass
  • ./bypass

-If everything went well you’ll see a message at the end telling you “ask to SoNick_14 whats next?”

-Now you can bypass it, go to: sonick14.tech/newbypass.html place your serial number and once it’s registered to go to Windows pc download ihactivation13.rar, connect your device and double click on ihactivation13.exe – DONE

The developer says you only pay once for device then you can bypass as many times as you want the same device using SN.

UPDATE 1: On iOS13.3 and up this method is very unstable, it can lose the activation randomly without restart and the Hello screen comes back.

UPDATE 2: If your device is on iOS 13.2 or older ( checkra1n supported ) then you can remove/rename setup and you’ll avoid this re-locking stuff. use this ssh command with mac terminal: mv /Applications/Setup.app /Applications/Setup.bak