The latest iOS13 update fixed 6 major bugs

iOS 13.1.1 and iOS13.1.2 is the latest firmware and a big update. It fixed many iOS bugs and security leaks check this 6 reasons to update as soon as possible.

Updating to the latest iOS13.x including iOS 13.1.1 and iOS13.1.2 will also make more difficult to jailbreak your device.

latest iOS13 update fixed 6 major bugs: iOS 13.1.1 and iOS13.1.2

  • ????. this updated 3rd-party keyboards fix This bug that could allow 3rd-party keyboards full access and transfer data over the internet even without your permission
  • ????. Addresses an issue that could cause the battery to drain faster than normal we didn’t especially feel this issue on my iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • ????. Improves Siri recognition on newest iPhones. Siri was not always responding to the « Hey Siri » feature and was responding to some other phrases that were sounding close to « Hey Siri »
  • ????. Fixes an issue that could prevent the iPhone from restoring from backup. Although it is still happening on some devices with this update according to some people
  • ????. « Sign-In with Apple » feature is now available You can use this feature instead of using Facebook or Email address to sign-in in web sites or Apps
  • ????. Bug fixes like: Safari search suggestion bug Reminders syncing slowly Spotlight search not working Overheating issue And other bugs.
The latest iOS13 update fixed 6 major bugs

should you update?

Now the question is: should you update to iOS 13.x latest iOS firmware. My answer to that is: Absolutely YES. You should definitely update no matter you are on 13, 13.1.1 or 13.1.2 Unless you are waiting for a jailbreak.

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