New Voice Over Passcode Bypass iOS 12 – 12.0.1

New Voice Over Passcode Bypass iOS 12 – 12.0.1. The same guy videosdebarraquito from last week bug passcode lock screen bypass release a new video bypassing ios 12.0.1 passcode screen using a similar method to attack ios12.0.1. in this new video, we can see a complicated process for iOS 12.x bypass that allows access to some photos and contacts on locked iPhones. Today, again Jose Rodriguez — who goes by the name videosdebarraquito on YouTube managed again how to see the photos from an iOS 12.x.

Apple just releases the ios12.0.1 update to fix especially the last security flaw that essentially allows an unauthorized party to bypass iOS 12 passcode lock screen, at least for some purposes. This new Voice Over Passcode Bypass iOS 12 – 12.0.1 only affect devices that are not Face ID capable, which is to say any non-iPhone X or XS devices. Now we have a new Voice Over ios 12 bugs to Bypass iOS Passcode.

Voice Over Passcode Bypass iOS 12 – 12.0.1


  1. The target iPhone has to receive a phone call (the attacker can know the target’s phone number by asking Siri “who I am”, or previously ask Siri make a call to attacker’s phone number digit by digit)
  2. Tap on “answer by SMS” (by default in iOS comes on) and tap on personalizing.
  3. Type any words on the text box
  4. Ask Siri turn on VoiceOver 5- Tap on the camera icon
  5. Make to coincide a double-tap on screen and at the same time invoking Siri, if does not work then repeat many times.
  6. When the screen comes black, slice the finger on the screen up to the top left corner where VoiceOver read aloud “Fototeca” “photo library”
  7. Double tap on the screen
  8. Tap on the tab of message apps and slice the finger up to VoiceOver read aloud the characteristics of each photo
  9. By double-tap on each photo, the photos are displayed while they are added to the text box


Bypass Passcode iOS 12 iphone bug

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