What is the importance of iCloud?

If you’ve previously setup Find My iPhone you can use it to locate your device on a map then you can play a sound from the device put it on loss mode to remotely lock it and display a message or erase all of its data.

Three important features you must use with icloud:

  • Icloud as a security feature
  • iCloud as storage cloud service
  • iCloud as iOS backup

what is icloud ?

While iCloud has been trusty for security, storage or backup companion for iOS and other Apple-related documents, the newly announced iCloud upgrades what we already know and love furthermore. In today’s post take a look What is the importance of iCloud? iCloud will upgrade your life. Security features, Store all types of files, and backup, enjoy them across all of your devices and more in the enhanced Apple cloud service.

Icloud as a security feature

If you’ve previously setup Find My iPhone you can use it to locate your device on a map then you can play a sound from the device put it on loss mode to remotely lock it and display a message or erase all of its data.

What is the importance of iCloud

The find my iPhone app will always need an Apple ID and password to enabled location services on your device. you may be prompted to turn them on when you config your device. this feature will allow you to see the distance between you and your lost device. you’ll also see a list of devices that have to Find My iPhone enabled. the Find My iPhone feature can be set up on your iPhone iPad iPod Touch or Mac. when you set up this feature on your iPhone any Apple watch or airpods paired with a device will also be set up a green dot means the device is securely broadcasting its location. You can check your device online using the icloud.com webpage to locate tap actions if you believe your device is nearby but still can’t find it tap play sound. your misplace device will play a sound. if it’s nearby you can hear it if you still can’t find your device you can protect its contents with a couple of helpful options.

What is the importance of iCloud? first, let’s look at Lost mode: Lost mode remotely displays a message on your misplaced device and locks it with a passcode. it also allows you to track its location while it’s missing. To start this process tap lost mode then tap turn on lost mode. Enter a phone number where you can be reached this will appear on the lost device with a message to contact you. Find My iPhone has a default message to accompany your phone number but you can customize it. now anyone that finds your lost device will see your message. lastly, if you need to you can erase the contents of a lost device once you do this you cannot track the device.

What is the importance of iCloud

iCloud as Store and share media files across all devices

Basically storing your data online. you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. iCloud is a service launching with iOS 5, this can allow you to back up your music, photos, applications, documents, iBooks, contacts, emails, calendars, bookmark, notes, to-do lists, text, settings and more. all to your Apple ID account, for those of you who have been paying for cloud Host you can now merge it into the iCloud. You can actually get some extra backup. here are some examples of how this work. so let’s say you’re out and you take a picture with your iPhone it’s going to upload that picture to the photo stream which is a part of iCloud and sync it to all of your other devices. your Mac’s your iPod your iPad and you’ve got everything all in one place and you didn’t have to do anything. it did it automatically, the same thing goes to music. let’s say you purchased a song on iTunes with your iPad it’s gonna start downloading on my iPhone on my Mac and on all of my other devices and it’s gonna do that with all of your data. it’s gonna sync it all up you don’t have to do anything it’s going to just do it automatically for you and it makes your life so much easier.

What is the importance of iCloud
What is the importance of iCloud

With your iCloud account, you’re given five gigabytes of free data storage For all of your purchase music apps books TV shows as well as your photostream.

The basic plan is five gigabytes, that five gigabytes should go a long way considering it only uses your mail your documents your camera roll account information settings and other app data let’s say for you that five gigabytes aren’t enough if you’d like to there are options to purchase ten gigabytes of data for $20 a year 20 gigabytes of data for $40 a year or you can purchase 50 gigabytes of data for $100 a year if you’re on an iOS device all of your data will be backed up when it’s connected to a power source locked and you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

What is the importance of iCloud
What is the importance of iCloud

iCloud is also going to come as an app for the Mac and windows because obviously, you’re going to want to sync up that stuff too as well as Photo Stream is going to be integrated into iPhoto. so you can have all of your photo stream from the iCloud into your iPhoto app automatically. even the backup process is going to be automatic you only have to deal with that it’s going to do it all for you they’re also launching a new service called iTunes Match which twenty-five dollars a year and basically what it’ll do is take all of your music that you didn’t purchase through iTunes and we’ll match it up with the songs that they have so it’ll be the highest quality version and we’ll add it to your iTunes account so you can sync it up with all of your devices using the iCloud it sounds like a really nice service I haven’t used it yet but for twenty-five dollars a year getting to sync up all of your music that you may have powered it or got elsewhere pretty good idea.

iCloud as iOS backup

I’ve already experienced this with my iPhone because I’ve restored it a few times but imagine when you guys go get the New iPhone XS if you’re going to and you unbox it you type in your Apple ID and password on the iCloud setup screen and it starts downloading all of your apps your data your contacts your emails everything in the same place it was on your previous iPhone and all you had to do was login with your iCloud ID. is seriously going to make your life so much easier especially if you’re immersed in Apple technology. it’s going to make your life so much easier and apple also release icloud for windows too. you guys who have an iPhone and a Windows computer you can also use this sync platform.

What is the importance of iCloud

iCloud Drive will upgrade your life, there are no more restrictions on file types see different from regular iCloud drive is similar to say a Google Drive or Dropbox you’re no longer confined to just photos and pages documents for example users can drag and drop any file upon their iCloud Drive folder and it’s stored Photoshop files, video files, anything, you can store it. you can access your files on all types of devices from your iMac to your iPhone iPad to your macbook, you can share and store all your files on all your devices with iOS 8 and OS 12, MacOS. you can do it even on a PC running Windows 10 or later.

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