Bypass iCloud activation using iclouddnsbypass iOS11.1

Bypass iCloud activation using iclouddnsbypass iOS11.1 or latest. Apple made some changes to iOS 11 Captive Portal mechanism. iclouddnsbypass was not working on ios11.x but now the developers find a solution. iCloud DNS Bypass works even better with iOS 11.1. You can lock the device, and after unlocking continue from the same page. If you are using latest iOS firmware, you can use again the iclouddnsbypass captive portal. With some new updates. we going to show you how to configure DNS bypass captive portal.

Allows you to get some of the functions back on your device in case you ever bought a device online and it was iCloud lock and the person didn’t tell you so.They took your money and now you have a device that’s not useful. hopefully, this which is going to help you. Get some of those functions back so let’s begin. Be sure to follow each step exactly: ON iOS11.1

Bypass iCloud activation using iclouddnsbypass iOS11.1

Now works even better on iOS11.02 iOS11.03 – iOS11.1 and iOS11.1.1

– Connected to Wi-Fi, select your language,  select your country and select your Wi-Fi network and click on Wi-Fi settings. this should show up next to your network tap into the network. On Wi-Fi network settings lookup for DNS and manual DNS servers, there are different servers for different parts of the world. Are you going to find them here:

Bypass iCloud activation using iclouddnsbypass iOS11.1

DNS Server IP addresses




You can go ahead and use the DNS you want. tap a back once and click on the network that we just added that server go ahead and click next the iclouddnsbypass captive portal is going to pop up from the bottom.

Here momentarily this is going to give us some function. If the captive portal doesn’t come up restart the iPhone or iPad for the DNS refresh and open de portal. Choose the language and you will have the main menu.

Things you can do with this server. this server is absolutely free so don’t pay for this service.  social networks are the first option there that’s very useful Facebook Twitter Instagram, whatever you can use them for. You also have the ability to browse the web, you also have the ability to add all your emails right there. You can add your email as well you can also use maps. You can send SMS using certain applications. here you also have the ability to watch videos. Which is very important YouTube videos you can watch with this. You also have the ability to add your Netflix account and all that good stuff.

Right below we have some audio options and other device information in additional applications, additional settings and hopefully, this will going to help some of you. who have been burned or tricked into buying a device that was iCloud lock.